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My poetry book, "I'm Not Lazy I Just Don't Want to Work Anymore", a story of corporate burnout in 20 poems, is launching soon! It details my time getting involved in workplace activism at a large tech company, my subsequent burnout, and the years-long, non-linear recovery process of ultimately deciding I needed to GTFO and girlboss no longer.ย 

For more information on the release date, launch party, and where to buy:

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Poetry Trapper Keeper is a weekly poetry newsletter that reaches into the collective Coach purse of our past, spritzes herself in Love Spell, grabs her pink Razr phone (covered in rhinestones, of course) & erratically FORWARDS THIS MESSGE TO 100 FRIENDS OR SHEโ€™LL DIE IN 7 DAYS!!!ย  The newsletter is co-run by online BFF's, Kelly Mullins and Larissa Fantini.

The project was born out of a love for un-precious poetry. We'll send you a poem every week:


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Kelly Mullins is an American poet and recovering girlboss who lives in Amsterdam. They run the weekly poetry newsletter, Poetry Trapper Keeper, with their BFF, Larissa Fantini. Their book, "I'm Not Lazy I Just Don't Want to Work Anymore" (a story of corporate burnout in 20 poems) is coming out soon! Follow them on instagram or subscribe to their newsletter for more info on the release date and launch party. For inquiries, collaboration ideas, or compliments, you can drop them a line at Their work has appeared or is forthcoming in the list of publications, exhibitions, workshops and residencies listed below. But like, accolades totally don't matterl!!ย 

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